Old Age Care at Home

The elderly needs special care round-the-clock. This quality of care can only be given by trained and experienced personnel. It involves day-to-day functions such as feeding, bathing, toilet and assistance with walking.

Proper old age home care is essential for the mental health of individuals, so it’s absolutely essential that caregivers treat them as friends, listen to them speak and show patience and resilience in the way they react with the elderly.

Since the elderly can often not carry out their personal functions every day, putting them in the care of professional caregivers. For this reason, we have developed a plan by which the elderly have some independence and dignity while being taken care of by others in their own homes.

Our physicians set up a plan and visit them accordingly. The elderly are monitored from time to time, depending on their condition and need for medical care.

Apart from a physician, day and night staff can be provided to work on a 24-hour basis to take care of the senior’s daily needs. They also give them light massages and help with walking.

Specialized care for the elderly is also provided for those with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, and other old age-related needs.

Our qualified nurses can also be designated to work for your elderly for specific duties.